Blaising Fire & Water

Blaze Defense Systems is a trademark and branding name used by Blaising Fire & Water, Inc. Blaze Defense Systems is also an entire product line offered by Blaising Fire & Water, Inc. Blaising offers a wide variety of fire suppression, medical, rescue, armor and other products to various clients globally. We specialize in unique, “one of a kind” items, that can be considered “sole source” items.

Blaising provides sales, service and installation for commercial fire suppression needs in the southeast and has been well established for over 55 years. Since 2008, we have developed and produced various models of deployment systems and methods, using the best liquid fire suppression agents on the market. We strive to develop solutions for situations that currently don’t have a solution! From fire suppression, operational rescue, medical kits, armor solutions and crowd control, we have the correct tools to address any situation.

We work directly with agencies as well as through distribution arms to push our products into the markets domestically and internationally.

We’ve formed great relationships over the years with the following groups.

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